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CompassionWe show care and consideration to everyone

RespectWe value everyone and everything

CommitmentWe set our goal and work hard to achieve this

SuccessWe are proud of ourselves and celebrate this


Good morning Rabbits we are half way through the week. 



Welcome to Wednesday fun. 



Today I would like you to make/ create a simple game of reading Skittles. 


You need: 

recycled tubes, bottles or boxes - even a mix of these things would work well. 

beanbags, soft ball or rolled socks. 


1. collect as many recycled items as possible

2. write a different igh word on each of the items - these will be your skittles

3. arrange the skittles into a triangular shape.

4. throw your beanbag/ rolled sock 

5. what every skittle you knock down you need to read.




How to make a pirate hat. If you missed our online learning - look at the pictures to make your own pirate hat. 


Then talk about each step to be able to finish the instructions that I have started. 



try to use bossy sentences and time words like: after, then, finally, lastly, next. 



Today we are thinking about the word HALF.


what does it mean?

how do I know if I have half of something? 

How do you know if it is not half? 


Today we are going to be halving numbers. 


We are working with real object today - separate a plate like the picture or use some paper. I used dried pasta to help me with my learning - you could use anything you have at home - maybe some dry cereal, you could eat it after as a a reward!!






Today I would like you to practise all your tricky words. They are in your reading diary -



How many can you read in a minute?

Which is the trickiest tricky word?

which is the easiest tricky word?

Can you put 4 tricky words into sentences?


How many can you spell - writing or saying without looking?

Can you spell all the phase 1 tricky words? 



This afternoon we are going to be designing our own pirate flags, using purple mash. 


Pirates flew their flags to scare other ships. Each Pirate had their very own flag. The most famous was the Jolly Roger.




Here are some other real pirate flags. 


Using 2paint - create your own pirate flag.