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Spelling and Number facts

In this section, you will find guidance on the key spelling words and number facts which children are expected to know.  By helping your child to become fluent with these, you will be ensuring that they are in a good position when they return to school. Below you will also find some ideas on fun ways to practise spellings and number facts. 



The National Curriculum has created word lists which children should be able to spell by the end of each school year. You will find these below. It is important to make practising spellings a fun activity - you can do this by playing bingo,  rainbow writing, creating word searches etc. There are some photos below to show some different ways to practise. 

Ways to practise spellings

Number facts


Number facts are key to helping a child become a fluent mathematician. It's really important to practise these until a child knows them fluently and can recall them as quickly as possible. Once your child knows their addition and subtraction facts, move on to learning times tables. Listed below are the most important number facts for children to learn and some fun ways to practise them. 

Ways to practise number facts