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Bats - Year R

Good morning Bats laugh


I have really loved receiving the emails about your home learning - the photos and videos are brilliant. 


Please make sure your check out our new home learning pages this link will take you there. 


Stay safe, and I hope to see more work emailed my way. 


Mrs Bradley



Happy Easter 

Bats Class

I hope that you and your family are safe and well. 




Hiya Batsblush


I hope that you have been helping out at home and keeping your toys tidy. You are all quite good at this is class cheeky


I do hope that you have continued to dress and undress yourselves - especially as you have a bit more time each day. I thought of some new challenges for you this morning. When you come back you can be experts. yes


1. turning your clothes in the right way

2. putting on your own socks and tights on

3. doing up your own buttons and zips

4. tie shoe laces. 


The last one is the most CHALLENGING, so I have found a link for you to watch which might be helpful. 


Good luck with these


Stay Safe  from Mrs Bradley cool


Hi Bats


I can't believe you have been working from home for a whole week already. You and your parents are doing a great job. 


I know you love to sing so I have put a few links to the songs we like to sing in class. laugh


Please find some more Maths for bats and an indoor treasure hunt. 


Stay safe Bats. Keep washing your hands !!


More Number activities

Indoor treasure hunt

Hi Bats,smiley


I have really enjoyed seeing your beautiful rainbows popping up. It has made me smile.  I hope that you have managed to draw pictures and practise your number and letter shapes in your packs. 


I will soon add some more activities for you and your family to do together. 


Keep well and stay safe. I am very proud of all of you. 


Mrs Bradley. cheeky

As we prepare to close our doors to many pupils, we will be keeping our class pages up dated with home learning activities and websites with appropriate activities for each class. Please use this part of our website to support you while your family is at home.