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Welcome to Music at Mill Hill Primary School

At Mill Hill Primary School, we recognise the role of music within both the curriculum and the opportunities it brings for the children to explore it within the wider world.  For Mill Hill, Music is when we perform, listen to, review and evaluate music, using voices or musical instruments, through exploring and applying musical dimensions including pitch, tempo and dynamics.


At Mill Hill, we acknowledge that music gives children an opportunity to learn using a variety of skills, enabling children to unlock a hidden talent, which other more writing-based areas of our curriculum may not.  We also know that children can sometimes be limited in their exposure to a range of musical genres and our intention is to deepen that knowledge base.  In both timetabled lessons and wider learning opportunities, the children will learn to sing and play everything from Humpty Dumpty to current musical songs including "This is me!"


At Mill Hill Primary School, we follow a music curriculum supported by Hampshire Music Service.  In Hampshire, we are extremely lucky to have this service, as they provide expertise both in the teaching of music, for example through the Listen2Me scheme, and the planning of the music curriculum which we offer.  Working in conjunction with them, we follow a progressive curriculum, ensuring coverage within the year and across the wider school.


Year 4 receive their weekly tuition from Listen2Me, whilst the remaining classes usually have one music lesson each week;  The Reception Class do follow the music curriculum, but in addition, their own Early Years objectives mean that there is always some sort of musical sound coming from their classroom!

In addition to this, there are many opportunities for the children to perform to both their peers and a wider audience such as nativity plays, singing to residents at a local care home, singing to customers at a local Dementia Support Cafe, singing in assemblies and the End of Year production.  The children have also had the opportunity to join with many thousand others and sing at the Young Voices Concerts at the O2, in London - a memorable and amazing experience for all those who took part, including pupils, teachers and support staff, as well as the many parents who came and watched the children perform.


The teaching of music and the opportunities to engage in music in the wider environment, allows children to discover more about their own personal taste in music, as well as unlocking any hidden potential which they may display in this subject.  Music reflects our Learning Values of Compassion, Respect, Commitment and Success, by developing a sense of achievement, self-confidence, the ability to work both independently and collaboratively and being able to reflect on what we have achieved.  Music will also help to develop an understanding of other cultures, whilst recognising how music, both in our country and across the world, has changed over time.  We also believe that by giving the children the chance to see music in the real world, such as live performances, they will realise that there are other careers available, beyond simply being a singer or a musician, such as lighting engineers, costume designers and even logistics managers.

Whilst in school, the children's progress and attainment is monitored mainly by observations during class lessons, but can be supplemented by observations in other activities, such as Christmas Nativity musicals and Year Group productions.


Whilst we appreciate that not every child is going to be a musical genius, it is important to give all children the opportunity to explore music, allowing them to unlock a world that can enrich their lives, both in a personal way and with a possible future career in mind.  We believe that these are the opportunities we can provide at Mill Hill Primary School.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Programme of Study, which your child follows, please initially speak to your class teacher, who will be able to provide you with more information.


The Programme of Study is designed with the support of the Hampshire Music Service, with whom the school works closely, and covers all aspects of the National Curriculum for Music.  The details of the National Curriculum for Music can be found at the following website:


Hampshire Music Service - current work with year 4 cohort class.