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Learning for a Lifetime

CompassionWe show care and consideration to everyone

RespectWe value everyone and everything

CommitmentWe set our goal and work hard to achieve this

SuccessWe are proud of ourselves and celebrate this

Extreme Survival

We began the year with "Extreme Survival", where we became explorers, considering how people live in extreme conditions, ranging from polar regions to hot deserts. We have looked at how Bedouin people live, the risks that some of our endangered animals are facing and designing our on survival pack using CAD. 


Knowledge Organiser

Trip to Queen Elizabeth's Country Park 


Using just the natural resources we could find in the woods, we had to work in teams to build a shelter that would protect us from the weather, including stopping us from getting wet, and was large enough for all of our team to fit inside.

We had an hour to build our shelter, before it was tested, when a jug of water was thrown towards the shelter.  If we got wet, we knew the shelter might have one or two holes in it, but if we stayed mostly dry, then we knew we had done a good job!