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Mill Hill Primary School

Learning for a Lifetime

CompassionWe show care and consideration to everyone

RespectWe value everyone and everything

CommitmentWe set our goal and work hard to achieve this

SuccessWe are proud of ourselves and celebrate this


The English curriculum is based on the national curriculum.  The school has organised the English curriculum into units of work and these are closely linked to the thematic curriculum.  English has a high focus across the school.

The school gives a high priority to speaking and listening, particularly in the earlier years.  This happens through such activities as role play, drama, circle time and philosophy for children (P4C) sessions. 

Reading is taught systematically across the school and all children can take a reading book home.  Children are also encouraged to take library books home to read; the library is open before school every day so that children and parents can change their books.

Children are encouraged to write from the earliest opportunity and writing skills are taught systematically through guided writing sessions and through phonics, spelling, punctuation and grammar sessions.  There are regular opportunities for extended periods of writing.  Writing is linked to the thematic curriculum and often happens in other curriculum areas.

The document below provides an overview of the English learning for each year group and identified the time of year when each aspect will be covered.