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AspirationWe work hard and believe in our hopes and dreams

TeamworkTogether we can succeed.

Fun and FriendshipWe enjoy learning and are happy together.

RespectWe value everyone and everything.

EqualityWe all deserve the same rights and opportunities.

AchievementWe create success through effort and celebrate this.

Autumn 1 - Anglo-Saxons



This half term, we have been learning about the life of the Anglo-Saxons. We were even lucky enough to have an expert visit us!


We had a day out of school uniform, where we got to dress up as Anglo-Saxons experiencing what life was like back in the 5th Century. 


We learned how to play a lute and tie our hair like a Saxon lady.


We looked at and got to touch lots of exciting artefacts. 


We ground corn to make flour - it took 1-2 hours to grind enough flour to make a loaf of bread. The grind stone was really heavy and it took at least 2 of us to move it! Sorry for the mess we made Mrs Simpson.


When we tried on the Saxon armour, furs and carried the weapons, we realised how heavy they were!