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Greece Lightning

This half-term we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks, their lifestyles and beliefs.  We created voice-over scripts in our English for tourists who wish to visit Greece as well as mini-biographies about Greek gods and goddesses.  We have been fascinated to learn about the many gods they worshipped.   Furthermore, we have gathered an understanding about where important events have occurred in Greek history and where this fits in with the history of the world.  With our research, we were able to make comparisons between modern and Ancient Greece, locating many of the main cities and discovering that some are no longer in existence.


Did you know?

  • Zeus (sky), Poseidon (sea) and Hades (underworld) divided the world amongst themselves.
  • The city of Troy was in modern day Turkey.
  • Although the Greek City States were constantly fighting, they stopped to participate in the Olympic games.



A Greek Timeline

A Greek Temple

Greek Pottery