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Autumn 2 - Africa

Congratulations to Mill Hill Primary School for winning caption of the year!


This term Frogs have taken part in a weekly competition on The Day Explorer. which we have won a couple of times, see below for the other times. frown


We are always excited when we win, but winning the caption of the YEAR was very exciting! 


Miss Hesling and Frogs can't wait for the new captions that 2019 bring.. 



This half term Frogs have been looking at Africa, while focusing on the 4 Nations: Ethiopia, South Africa, Libya and Ghana.


We got to look at all the differences and similarities of the cultures and traditions, while focusing on the different biomes and where the nations are located within Africa. 


This was also our Topic half term, where we had a fantastic afternoon tea. Thank you to all those parents who came along, and enjoyed all our fantastic homework, English, Topic and Art. 


South African afternoon tea


As a treat for Frogs in the last week of term, we tried some new foods, such as biltong (dried cured beef) and roobios tea.

All Frogs took part and tired nearly everything, there were some funny faces pulled for some of them, while some enjoyed so much they took the left overs home. Hope the Stratton family enjoyed the roobios tea. 

Southampton Art Gallery

Towards the end of this half term Frogs were fortunate enough to go on a trip to Southampton where we had an AMAZING time. We went to a specially organised art workshop with Caroline and her very helpful assistance, who taught us how to make clay African masks. She helped us by modelling 'how to', as well as giving us loads of suggestions and materials to decorate them. 


We then went around the gallery in smaller groups looking at a variety of traditional, modern and insulation art. Some of us even got to be part of it. This was a really exciting experience which was enjoyed by all the children. 


Thank you to Mr Stratton and Mr Dyke, who kindly drove us to and from Southampton. 

Check out the end result from our workshop at Southampton Art Gallery.


Can you work out who's behind these AMAZING masks?