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Meet The Flintstones

This term, our theme is lead by history. We are beginning to learn about the Stone Age and how different life was then compared to now. Rabbits will then explore Bronze and Iron Age to see how humans changed over time.


We started our term with a hook, exploring cave art and different artefacts they would have had in the Stone Age.

During the term, Rabbits class got to learn about different ways people lived during the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages. Rabbits got to visit Butser Ancient Farm and explore what it would have been like to live in roundhouses, build fencing and even how it would have been during the winter months. Rabbits loved getting to learn about the different stages of history and what each stage brought to the UK. It was especially fun to act it out through role play and even draw their own Stone Age houses.

Rabbits created their own clay self portraits and got to explore the different techniques for smoothing clay and which worked best for them. In maths, we learnt more about 3D shapes, about time and even about money. Rabbits were excited to share their new knowledge.