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Learning for a Lifetime

AspirationWe work hard and believe in our hopes and dreams

TeamworkTogether we can succeed.

Fun and FriendshipWe enjoy learning and are happy together.

RespectWe value everyone and everything.

EqualityWe all deserve the same rights and opportunities.

AchievementWe create success through effort and celebrate this.


Lesson 8 - air chair

Our Learning to Blend lessons give additional blending practise for children. They are not suitable for Reception children in the Autumn Term as they contain...



At school we love to use numicon - which looks like this....


Today i would like you to make some of your very own - just like this with card (from a cereal box) and felt pens. 



Once you have our numicon - find all the different ways to make 7. I found this way...



Then choose your own number - how many different ways can you make it? 

The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

Butterflies: Caterpillars in DisguiseIt's almost unbelievable that a caterpillar is actually the same animal as a butterfly - but it's true! Be amazed by the...



Once again we are down in the  garden thinking about the amazing creatures we'll find. Watch, and listen carefully to the video.


Can you remember all the different stages of the Butterfly? 


Using only paper, pens and things at home - can you make a picture about the life cycle?