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Summer 2 - Save our Seas

During summer 2, we have enjoyed learning about the effect of plastic pollution on our oceans. Rabbits have become very passionate about this topic, and in a few weeks time will be taking part in their own beach clean up to do their part in helping to solve this crisis. While plastic can be very useful, Rabbits have learnt that unfortunately, much of it ends up in our waters. Sea creatures can mistake it for food, become injured or get tangled up in this litter. We've enjoyed reading stories such as 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' and 'Duffy's Lucky Escape' which has given them a great amount of empathy towards the marine wildlife who have been harmed from the great garbage patches in our oceans. Rabbits have looked at how scientists have been thinking of new ways to tackle the problem, taking part in litter picking in our school environment, learning all about recycling and reusing and how many companies are making changes to reduce the amount of single use plastic they use.