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CompassionWe show care and consideration to everyone

RespectWe value everyone and everything

CommitmentWe set our goal and work hard to achieve this

SuccessWe are proud of ourselves and celebrate this

Autumn 1 - Here and There & The Post Office

Year 1 started the year with a great topic, learning all about Waterlooville and, in particular, focused on the Post Office.  We wrote an invitation to our families to come and join us for the Afternoon Tea and it was this very invitation that we took to the Post Office to post!  We walked from school, looking out for all the different signs as we went, before excitedly reaching the Post Office.  It was even more exciting, as when we asked to buy our stamps, we learned that they were Star Wars ones - it was a truly out of this world experience!


We also used the Bee Bots and loved trying to get them to navigate around imaginary roads and obstacles.