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Mill Hill Primary School

Learning for a Lifetime

AspirationWe work hard and believe in our hopes and dreams

TeamworkTogether we can succeed.

Fun and FriendshipWe enjoy learning and are happy together.

RespectWe value everyone and everything.

EqualityWe all deserve the same rights and opportunities.

AchievementWe create success through effort and celebrate this.


Good Morning to all my wonderful Rabbits that are working at home today. 


Please play the game to practice matching capital and lower case letters. 


There is also a gook with 2 activities to complete. 


Username: MillhillR

Password: rabbit



Today we are looking at sharing. 


We know that sharing is caring, but sharing need to be EQUAL. 


Each group needs the same, so that it is fair. 


The teddy bears are having a picnic. Can you help them share their food so the have the same amount each?




Last week we had so much fin with our finger puppets. Today we are going to design our own sock puppet. 


Watch the video to see a sock puppet in action. 


Then get your grown up to draw a sock shape so that you can make a design of what your puppet is going to look like, don't forget to add some labels and a list of things you'll need. 


Collect the things you need so you are ready for tomorrows making.

Fely's Sock Puppet Friends

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