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CompassionWe show care and consideration to everyone

RespectWe value everyone and everything

CommitmentWe set our goal and work hard to achieve this

SuccessWe are proud of ourselves and celebrate this

Autumn 2 - World War II

This half term, we had a focus on World War II.  Through this, we investigated life during this time period for soldiers, women and children.


During this topic, we created a range of art pieces such as: memory boxes, portraits of soldiers to share their emotions and Remembrance paintings.




To link with our local area, we visited The Royal Submarine Museum where we learned about life aboard a submarine during the war time and how women and children were effected back home. 


The best part of the day was when a Chinook helicopter landed outside the learning building (where we were eating our lunch) as they were carrying out a practise run.  Some of us had never seen a helicopter this close up before!  It was amazing!