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Mill Hill Primary School

Learning for a Lifetime

CompassionWe show care and consideration to everyone

RespectWe value everyone and everything

CommitmentWe set our goal and work hard to achieve this

SuccessWe are proud of ourselves and celebrate this

Our Curriculum

Mill Hill Primary Curriculum


What is the school’s vision?

Learning for a Lifetime is our aim for all pupils. Our curriculum is built upon the school values and the needs of the school community. The values are Compassion, respect, commitment and success. Cross curricular themes are used to drive all of the learning, whilst quality first teaching principles with a clear lesson structure enable staff to deliver the best learning opportunities.


How is this vision shown in the curriculum?

We provide the children with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills across the school year that are progressive and appropriate for each stage of development.

Our curriculum themes are carefully planned to compliment this curriculum and ensure they are purposeful opportunities. Our foundation subjects link into a common theme driven by the core subjects. Each of these common themes are:

  • Underpinned by our curriculum drivers (the 4C's): core skills, creative thinkers, curious minds and collaborative workers
  •  Links with curriculum areas
  •  Ensures time is given to the direct teaching of skills
  • Based on a key rich text
  • Based on current news/affairs
  • Uses links with the local area and develops these

We have linked these with our Learning for a Lifetime curriculum, which develops areas we feel our children are not as experienced and familiar in. This takes our local community into account and their needs. We have identified the 6 areas most relevant to ensure that our community become successful lifelong learners; these are outdoor, reading, experiences, attendance, health and wellbeing and communication.


    Expectations of our curriculum



    The purpose of the Mill Hill curriculum is focused on acquiring the skills, knowledge and understanding through interesting opportunities. Pupils will gain experience of the wider world so that they understand themselves and others and can engage in society. The curriculum intends to develop habits of effective learners through the language of the learning (toolkit) by supporting, stretching and challenging learners to prepare for the modern world. Throughout the curriculum, we help children to apply these techniques through whole school themes and opportunities.



    We think carefully about the best ways to deliver our curriculum and use a range of successful approaches named below.


    · Active, practical activities

    · Use of trips and first hand experiences

    · Book based curriculum to make learning relevant and contextual

    · Theme based curriculum linking to english and maths

    · Learning for a lifetime curriculum

    · Opportunities to present (purposeful) learning

    · Use of the Learning toolkit

    · Opportunities for challenge in each lesson

    · Interventions for pre-teaching/ support

    · Opportunities for talk to share points of view, listen to others and challenge ideas

    · Opportunities to link with our wider community

    · Use of pupil leadership including the school council, house captains, head boy and girl


    Assemblies  provide opportunities to deepen children's understanding of our whole school values, British values and explore other cultures.


    Impact/achievement- on children’s understanding and knowledge


    Our curriculum helps our pupils to develop positive attitudes towards learning so they attend school enthusiastically and are passionate about the new knowledge they are acquiring. Pupils develop skills, knowledge and our values, not just in the classroom, but also around the school independently which shows the clear understanding needed for ARE and beyond. Children leave Mill Hill ready for their secondary school and equipped for their future.