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Mrs Shaw's Maths Problems

Hello everyone! Over the next few weeks I will be uploading daily maths problems for both KS1 and KS2. Each day I will model how to solve a maths problem and give ideas on how helpers at home can adapt these problems to continue the learning at home. Throughout the videos, I will often ask questions for learners to think about. Please pause the videos at these points so you are able to have high quality discussions with your child. I hope you all enjoy watching and I hope to see you very soon. :) 


Mrs Shaw x

Friday 3rd April KS2

Hello KS2! Today we have an Easter challenge to solve. The first part of the video is aimed more towards LKS2 classes. You'll then notice I add some extra elements to the problem to make it more complex, which is pitched more at UKS2. (Although all of KS2 may give it a good go!) Watch out for the small error I make at 7.15 which I've corrected with a caption! Feel free to draw pictures and use resources as you go along and keep pausing the video to solve alongside me and talk about your ideas. Mrs Shaw :)

Friday April 3rd KS1

Happy Friday everyone! Today we have an Easter egg challenge. You could act this problem out with real eggs at home or create your own variations of it by having an egg hunt in your garden and sharing them between baskets. We use a strategy called 'trial and error' to solve this problem today, but I do show you towards the end of the video how to solve it using the 'bar model'. This last part of the video is mainly aimed at year 2 children, but feel free to watch and listen to the whole clip if you're interested :) Mrs Shaw x

Thursday 2nd April KS2 Game

Good afternoon KS2 :) Below I have uploaded a game for you to play at home to help you practise your multiplication facts. It is a take on the game 'battleships' where the co-ordinates have been replaced with a multiplication grid. You can find more information about the game on this website: fun! Mrs Shaw :)

Thursday 2nd April KS2 Game

Thursday 2nd April Game KS1

Good afternoon KS1! Today I am showing you a game from a maths learning website. To play this game you will need a copy of the game board (uploaded below) and a counter. Watch the silent video - can you work out the rules for the game? If you would like a copy of the rules they can be found by using this web address here:

Thursday 2nd April Game Board KS1

Wednesday 1st April KS2

Good afternoon everyone! Today I'm showing you how to play a really quick game that helps you apply your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. All you need is a pack of cards and lots of resilience! You can play the game alone or compete against a partner. Who can score the most points? Mrs Shaw x

Wednesday 1st April KS1

Good afternoon everybody! Today we are looking at a set of data I have collected on the number of children who have walked to school. There are some lovely follow up activities you can partake in afterwards involving collecting your own data. For example, you could collect data on the bugs you can find in your garden or the types of birds you can see outside your window. If you're able to get out for your daily walk you could even see if you can spot the rainbows families are displaying in their windows. I wonder which street has the most/least rainbows near you? Take care! Mrs Shaw :)

Tuesday 31st March KS2

Hello KS2. Today we are thinking about angles in shapes. There are plenty of opportunities to stop and think about what you know already about angles in squares and triangles before attempting the problem in the video. I have also made some of the resources I use for you to print out at home which you can find below the video. See you tomorrow! Mrs Shaw :)

Shape Resource for KS2 31/03/20

Tuesday 31st March KS1

Hello KS1! Today's problem involves the cost of taking a family to the zoo. Please pause as you go along so you can solve with me :) There are a few ideas at end on how helpers can adapt the problem. Mrs Shaw x

Friday 27th March Game EYFS/KS1/KS2

Good afternoon Mill Hill :) Today I thought I'd try something different and have made a game for you to play with somebody at home. It's a maths version of the classic game 'tic-tac-toe'. Below the video you will see that I've made up a set of cards for each year group that you can use if you wish or feel free to create your own. Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you next week. Mrs Shaw x

KS1 Thursday 26th March Problem

Hello KS1! Here is your new maths challenge for the day! Today we are looking at a multiplication problem and we use lots of pictures and images to help us understand. Helpers at home can adapt the problem quite easily by changing the numbers in the problem. Remember to keep pausing the video so you can solve with me as we go along :)

KS2 Thursday 26th March Maths Problem

Hello everyone. Today's word problem uses our multiplication skills. There's lots of opportunities to pause and solve as you go along. Helpers at home can easily adapt it just by changing the numbers. I'll see you tomorrow! x

Wednesday 25th March KS2 Maths Problem

Hello KS2 learners :) Today we turn our attention to a money problem and look at how the bar model can help us solve complex problems like this one. I myself had to use lots of resilience to think of the best way to solve before I filmed it ready to show you all. At the end of the video I give some ideas on how helpers can adapt the problem. See you tomorrow!

KS1 Maths Challenge 25/03/20

Hello KS1! Today we look at a problem involving money. The numbers I use are pitched at a year 1 level, so feel free to simplify them or make them trickier according to the age of the child you are with. To add an extra challenge, you could ask further questions such as 'how much change would I get from 50p?' or 'how much will it be if I decide to buy 3 oranges?' Mrs Shaw x

P.S. Hope you enjoy the upside down camera work at the end :P

Tuesday 24th March KS2 Problem

Hello KS2! This problem is all about place value and thinking carefully about terms such as odd and even. There's lots of maths to unpick with this one so feel free to pause and think about any questions I ask or to have a solve yourself before we move on to the next step. You could easily adapt this problem by possibly introducing 4 digits and adding a thousands place or by using different digit cards. Enjoy :) Mrs Shaw x


Here is the latest KS1 problem for you to solve at home. The numbers that I use are pitched at year 2 level but could be easily simplified for EYFS and year 1. You could for example make the length of ribbon 20cm or 10cm and use just the ones place value counters to help you find different combinations. Enjoy! Mrs Shaw x

Monday 23rd March KS1 Problem 1

Monday 23rd March KS2 Problem 1