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Governors of the Federation of Mill Hill and Woodcroft Schools


Welcome to this section of the website.  A smaller more focused Governing Body, based on skills, started on 10 July 2014.  There are now 11 willing volunteers* who give time, energy and expertise to ensure that the Federation provides the very best learning opportunities and environment for all the pupils.  The Governors task is to ensure the Federation of the two schools continues to improve so that the highest possible standards are achieved all the time.  Governors are part of the leadership teams and focus on ensuring that there is a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction, hold the leaders to account for pupil achievements and overseeing the finances of the Federation to make sure that money is well spent.


The Leaders are responsible for the day to day running of the school and they work hard to implement the Federations Strategic Plans.  It is the responsibility of the Governors to challenge and support the school in its ways of providing the best all round education for all the children.


The Governors meet twice a term for Full Governing Body meetings and once a term each for a Resources Committee meeting and a Standards, Curriculum and Inclusion Committee meeting at 4pm.


Meetings last no longer than 2 hours.


If you are interested in becoming a governor for the Federation or wish to contact me, please ring the school office and leave your contact details and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can.


Mrs Christine Thompson

Chair of Governors

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