AspirationWe work hard and believe in our hopes and dreams

TeamworkTogether we can succeed.

Fun and FriendshipWe enjoy learning and are happy together.

RespectWe value everyone and everything.

EqualityWe all deserve the same rights and opportunities.

AchievementWe create success through effort and celebrate this.

Ducks - Year 4


Hello and welcome to Ducks!




This week we have won Percy the penguin which means our attendance has been brilliant (he is living in our reading cave).


In English, we are enjoying our new class book The Wind in the Willows. We can't wait to find out all of the funny things that Mr Toad and his friends get up to.


In English today we have been planning to describe Toad hall and in  we used personification, noun phrases and similes- Daisy Mai.


“My favourite part so far is when Mr Toad steals a car and is sent to prison but he escapes by dressing up as a laundry woman” - Adwoa.


“In art we were doing collages of our faces and I really enjoyed it but some was tricky because the tissue paper was ripping when I put glue on it but after all it was fine”-Rochanne!!


“I really enjoyed describing food with my senses, my favorite was the Rice Krispies and I described them as bland”- Junior


“Last week in Maths I enjoyed problem solving with fractions, we had add and subtract fractions and I worked systematically”- Lukasz.


The Ducks that have outstanding work this week are Mitch and Harvey! Mitch was very resilient when adding and subtracting fractions and Harvey has learnt all of his sounds after practicing in school and at home :).