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AspirationWe work hard and believe in our hopes and dreams

TeamworkTogether we can succeed.

Fun and FriendshipWe enjoy learning and are happy together.

RespectWe value everyone and everything.

EqualityWe all deserve the same rights and opportunities.

AchievementWe create success through effort and celebrate this.

Week 8


This week, at school, we have been looking at a short video clip that is linked with the genre of 'fantasy'.


Watch the clip and think about what questions you have and what predictions you can make.


Then watch the clip again and imagine that you are writing the story to go along with this short film clip. Make a short plan first before you begin the writing stage.


Things to think about

- 5Ws - where, when, who what and why?

- Who is the girl?

- What descriptive language will be the most effective to describe the setting and emotions?

- Prepositional phrases 

- Subordinate clauses (We had a big focus on these this week)

Challenge - Advanced punctuation to mark clauses E.G. dashes, semi-colons and colons.



Something Fishy SD



Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz - Chapter 6

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


This week, we have been revisiting our multiplication skills.


Fluency - practise your 6 and 6 times tables. Play a game of bingo with a family member to test your knowledge.

Times Table Bingo

Skills Practise


Place value practise


Look at the task sheet. Different coloured M&Ms represent different values. Pick 10 different M&Ms from a bag. These will be the ones that you will work with for this task. Follow the steps below.


1) pick 2 different M&Ms - What is the number value?

2) Pick 3 different M&Ms - What is the number value?

3) Pick 4 different M&Ms - What is the number value?

4)  Pick 5 different M&Ms - What is the number value?

5) Pick 6 different M&Ms - What is the number value?


Place Value




This week, we investigated which fruit peel would make the best boat. To make the best boat it needed to float!


Objects float when they are less dense than the fluid they are in. If you dropped a tennis ball and a marble into a bucket of water the marble would sink and the tennis ball float. This is because a tennis ball is full of air ( it is not very dense ) and a marble is solid ( it is very dense ). Huge ships float because although they are extremely heavy they have a lot of empty space inside. 


Items needed

- 1 lemon

- 1 lime

- 1 orange

- melon or a banana

- bowl of bucket of water


You do not need to use the whole fruit, just half or quarter of the fruit peel.







Linking on with the video clip from English, can you create your own washing machine world. 

-    Can you create their own clothing animals i.e. an octopus out of a jumper? 
-    Does it have to be under the sea? 

-   Try and make items 3D how can you do that? 
(Bottle lids stacked one on top of each other to make trees like the video). 





 paint, images of clothing item to help you to draw them, masking tape, glitter, thread, card, art straws, fabric, tissue paper.


How good is your sense of place without your sense of sight?


1) Can you find different items from outside and out into a box, then get a family member to try and guess the objects. To do this, they must not look and can only use their sense of touch.


2) Can you try and guide someone around outside whilst they are blindfolded? You must think about the precise instructions you will need to give them. Remember to be safe as you are doing this. Try and take pictures of this activity.