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AspirationWe work hard and believe in our hopes and dreams

TeamworkTogether we can succeed.

Fun and FriendshipWe enjoy learning and are happy together.

RespectWe value everyone and everything.

EqualityWe all deserve the same rights and opportunities.

AchievementWe create success through effort and celebrate this.

Week 2

Hi Crickets, 


I hope you are all safe, well and helping out at home!


Thank you so much for sending in all your lovely work last week - it was amazing to see how well you all did!

I have planned some more fun activities this week and I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I did planning them.

Please don't forget to send anything you have completed at home in, we would love to see how you are getting on.



This week, I thought i'd embrace the wet weather and jump in loads of puddles on my daily walk - it was great  fun! I decided it would be fun to count how many jumps I could do in 1 minute. My total amount of jumps was 32. Can you beat my score?


Dont forget to send in your videos! 


From Miss Stone laugh


Hi Crickets, your English task this week relates to your last topic – The Great Fire of London. I know you all really enjoyed this topic and have become experts! Your task is to listen and read the poem ‘the Great Fire of London’ written by Paul Perro. Once you have listened, can you perform it? Don’t forget to add actions!


Here are the first two stanza of the poem:




The year was 1666,
Late one September night,
The baker’s shop in Pudding Lane
Glowed with an orange light.

The baker's oven was on fire
The flames began to spread.
Thomas the baker was upstairs
He was asleep in bed.

The Great Fire of London - A Paul Perro Poem

A modern and lively poem for kids about The Great Fire of London, 1666.

With an adult think about the following questions:


LOOK: Where was Thomas when the fire started?

CLUE: Why did he wake up?

THINK: How would you have reacted if you were Thomas?


We would love to see how you have got on, don’t forget to send us a video of your performance:


Challenge: If you can send in a video of yourself performing it with actions, I will do the same!



In Crickets, Mrs Shaw has told me how amazing you are with your number bonds. I'd like to challenge you, can you make your number bonds up to 100? 


Remember a number can be thought of as a whole made up of different pairs, or parts, added together. Those pairs are called number bonds. Number bonds are different pairs of numbers that add up to the same number.



First, click on the link below

Next, click 'Number Bond's 

Then, go to the right-hand side of the screen 

Finally, have a go at the Number Bond challenges.


My best score was 28/33

Can you beat me?


Challenge your adults at home to see if they can beat you!






Did you know:

in addition to helping birds get food, beaks are used as tools to help birds build their nests. Birds use their beaks almost like we use our hands. 

A bird beak is also called a bill


Last week, crickets made some amazing bird feeders – I was extremely impressed!

When watching the birds eating the food in the bird feeders did you ever wonder, how a bird is able to use their bill (beak) to pick up food? And what it is like to have a bill?

Well this week in Science, you are going try and see what it is like! Your Science task is to design and make a beak to up your favourite food!


Items you might use…


  • Old boxes or containers from food items
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Wool/cotton
  • Paint/coloured pencils and/or pens
  • Youur favourite food


What to do…


Remember to be safe and make sure you are supervised by an adult. Some of the cutting out might be quite tricky!


  1. You will need to think carefully about your favourite food – is it soft, crumbly or hard? If you poke something is it going to fall apart? Is it big or small? Is it dry or wet? All these things will change how you design your beak.
  2. Decide on a design for your beak and draw it on paper
  3. Use the materials to make your beak. Use lost of strong tape so it is really strong
  4. When it is finished, test your beak by trying to see if you can pick up your favourite foods. Yummy!



Here are some examples of beaks you can make:





We would love to see how you have got on, don’t forget to send us a video or picture of your work:



Outdoor Learning 

The Gardener's Maze

Can you help The Gardener find his way out of the maze?  Watch his story and see if you can make a better maze:

In this week’s outdoor learning challenge, I would like you to do some problem solving and create your own maze using items found in nature - this activity can be done in inside or outside. If you are going to create the maze inside, you could use straws or lollipop sticks to make the walls.


You could collect some sticks on your daily walk or use sticks from your garden. I would like you to be adventurous and collect as many sticks as you can – all shapes and sizes. Once you have made your maze, can you challenge someone in your house to see if they can get through your maze?


Have fun and be creative!


We would love to see how you have got on, don’t forget to send us a video or picture of your maze:

Examples of Outside and Inside Mazes


Design Technology

How creative can you be with your food?


Something I know that all Crickets enjoy is making and eating food!


If like me and you are a real 'foodie', you could use this time at home to bake some goods or help out with making lunch. In class across the year I know you have looked at how to safely prepare and handle food so you can show off these skills at home. Just make sure you have an adult close to help you when using any sharp equipment. 


Another of my favourite things to do when I am at home is to serve my food in fun ways. For instance, yesterday I created a turtle volcano (mash potato, beans and sausages laid out in the shape of a turtle erupting beans from its back). What funky things can you create?



We would love to see how you have got on, don’t forget to send us a picture of your funky food creation:



Each day, I am going to upload my own food creation, let's see if you can be more creative than me!


Miss Stones food art 


Day 1 - The Disco Dancing Flower Men

What song do you think they could be dancing to?wink


Day 2 - Meals on wheels



Day 3 - 'The Cricket[z]'


Here are some food art examples