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Friday 12th June



Your task this week is to design, make and test your very own boat.


We have looked a lot at floating and sinking this week in science and now it is time to put your knowledge to the test. There isn't a 'you will need' list this week because we want to see what materials YOU think will make the best boat. The only two things that are key for this challenge are: something filled with water and small items to put into your homemade boat.


You and another member of you household are to have a competition to see - 'Whose boat can stay afloat and carry the most amount of cargo.'


Key questions to help your design:

  •  How are you going to make sure your boat is waterproof?
  •  What material van you use to ensure that your boat is sturdy and strong?
  • How much space will you need to be able to add lots of items to it?
  • How will you prevent water from coming in?


Step 1: Using items in your household or items that you are able to safely buy from the shop, you need to design your boat.

Step 2: Once you have designed your boat, collect or buy the items you need to build it.

Step 3: Build your boat - Remember to ask an adult for help if you need it or if it involves something that could hurt you.

Step 4: Collect the items that you are going to be placing (one by one) into your boat. We used pens and pencils but you could use sweets, pasta, forks, etc.

Step 5: Fill your tray, bowl or paddling pool with water and add your boat carefully to it.

Step 6: Start adding in your items to you boat slowly and one by one. Whoever is able to add the most items before their boat sinks is the winner!