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School Council


School Council 2012 – 2013
The school council is made up of elected children from each class and meet regularly to represent the views of their class mates. Many of their ideas have a huge impact on the rest of the school and the provision for the children. If you have ideas for improving the school then please make sure you go and speak with your class representative.

Leon Stratten
Year 6
Mill Hill is a happy place with lots of fun lessons. I'm looking forward to helping people and listening to their ideas
Amber Weatherley
Year 6
I wanted to be a school council representative because i like having responsibility and I have lots of good ideas.
Joshua Lane
Year 5
I like the school, it is fun and you get good learning and a good education.
Kacie Surry
Year 5
I think we need to look at real goals on the football pitch.
Kaci-Ann Sheen
Year 4
This is an amazing school and I really care about it.
Alfie Carson
Year 4
What I like about Mill Hill Primary School is that we do our own learning.
Kelis Cann
Year 3
I wanted to be a school council representative because I like sharing my thoughts.
Lewis Stratten
Year 3
I think the school needs some proper basketball goals.
Maisie Tobitt
Year 2
I think the school is fun and I enjoy talking about everything.
Maison Anongu-Brent
Year 2
I like the Learning Dimensions we use to help us.
Sydnie Williams
Year 1
This is a good school for learning.
Harvey Squires
Year 1 
I like the school because we do lots of exciting things.

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